Thursday, October 23, 2014

Meals on Wheels (MOW) Food Bank - Helping hand from Dupont's staff

We were delighted to have staff from Dupont joining us in MOW Food Bank delivery of groceries last Monday, 20th Oct. It was the first of Dupont's CSR initiative, and the staff were eager to contribute to this cause.

First stop was to Mdm Ngai and her boys in Kepong.

Then onwards to Mdm Wena who was about to leave for work. Then to Ng Geok Poh's flat where the husband was waiting for us with his trolley.

We got to the Chok's flat in Jinjang just as Lucas and his grandma reached home after school. Lucas was not in a good mood and refused to smile although Bro Ivan was teasing him.

The last house we visited was Mr Maran in Sentul. Both husband and wife were out, but the children welcomed us. I must say Sasi is looking well despite giving us a scare a few weeks ago when he was in the ICU. Doctors said his lungs are badly damaged but he must have a very strong will to live. When I called out his name, he gave me a beautiful smile ... made my day!

Thank you to our new group of volunteers from Dupont and we hope the experience last Monday will inspire them to press on with more CSR activities.

And of course, thank you to all our generous donors to our MOW Food Bank program for your continued support.

Posted and pictures by: Kim

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