Thursday, June 13, 2013

MOW HAPPY CHILD - Health checks for Myanmar refugees

According to the UNHCR Malaysia website, as of end April 2013, there are some 94,760 Myanmar refugees and asylum-seekers registered with UNHCR in Malaysia, of which, some 20,000 are children below the age of 18. These babies and children are the unfortunate victims of war ... responsible for none of the cause, but bearing the worst of the pain. Although they have access to public and private healthcare facilities, cost and language are the main obstacles to them getting the necessary health care.

Together with the Lions Club of Serdang and Full Gospel Assembly Church (FGA), Meals on Wheels Ti-Ratana organized a mobile medical clinic in Rawang on Sunday 9th June 2013. A total of 145 refugees, mostly Myanmarese and a small number of Nepalese and locals from Rawang, came to FGA church for free medical tests comprising BMI, BP, glucose, hearing, vision, dental, examination by doctors, deworming (for children only) and pap smear (for women only). Medicine was also dispensed as prescribed.

I was truly amazed with the Lions Club operations of the mobile clinic. Their volunteers' experiences, expertise, and passion in conducting such clinics was obvious in the smooth and professional way they handled the patients. They even have an electronic queue system, with separate sets of numbers for children, adult female and adult male!

After breakfast of nasi lemak, mihoon, buns and coffee/tea/milo, the 30+ volunteers from Lions Club opened the "clinic" at 9am. MOW volunteers supported by ushering the patients to the appropriate counters and rooms. The plan was to close the clinic by 1pm but due to the overwhelming response from the refugees, the clinic remained opened until almost 3pm.

Both volunteers and patients had a simple chicken rice meal for lunch. Children were also treated to goodie bags of biscuits, chips and candy.

In the usual MOW tradition, we presented Rawang Learning Centre, a refugee orphanage run by the Pastor of FGA church, with loads of groceries for the 20+ children living there.

It was a super hot and humid day but all the volunteers worked tirelessly to complete the task on hand, taking breaks in between.

Three NGOs working together to provide basic health care and medicine to the refugees shows them that we do care for their well-being, no matter how small a number we were able to reach. More partnerships between NGOs, private sector, civil society groups and concerned individuals are needed to broaden the reach to more of these stateless people to reduce mortality and morbidity rates.

We would like to express our HEARTFELT APPRECIATION to the following donors who contributed both cash and kind to this event.

Nam Bee Rubber Industries
Low Kar Keong
Poon Chee Huang
Loong Hian Lok
Low Siew Leng
Jaime Koy
Liew Kiew Ping
Lee Bee Hong
Lim Ai Lan
Yoong Tang Yuan
Chia Peng Hwee
Pn Sri Lay Hwa
House of Love
Mr & Mrs Yeap
Lew Siew Bee
Lisa Khoo
Anonymous donor

And of course a BIG THANK YOU to the volunteers from Lions Club of Serdang and Full Gospel Assembly Church, whose participation made this a successful event.

Last but not least to our ever-supportive, dedicated and hard-working MOW volunteers, SADHUx3!

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Pictures courtesy of Bro Tee & Kim

Monday, June 10, 2013

MOW GRANTS - myanimalcare continues to help community cats and dogs

These cats and dogs are much better off with the care and support they received from AnimalCare and its partners. Subsidy received from Meals on Wheels Ti-Ratana for the month of May 2013 made it possible for these cats and dogs to get medical treatment, food, neutered and/or spayed.

For more details on how the grant is utilized, please click on the links below. (RMxxx)
[The amount is not stated in the blogpost because the supplier has asked for it to be confidential to prevent unhappy retailers from complaining. AnimalCare gets a heavily discounted price for their charity cases.] (RM50) (RM75) (RM30) (RM45)

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

MOW GRANTS - Helping community cats and dogs

AnimalCare continues to help individuals who are looking out for the welfare of community cats and dogs from the monthly grant received from Meals on Wheels Ti-Ratana. The April 2013 grant was used to subsidize food, spaying, vaccination and other medical treatments for these cats and dogs.

Please click on the links below to get more details. (RM100) (RM60) (RM140) (RM50) (RM100) (RM50)

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