Tuesday, October 29, 2013

MOW CELEBRATE - Celebrating Deepavali with Children from Pusat Jagaan Kanak-Kanak Istimewa Lagenda (PJKKIL)

Thanks to Bro Lim, we have a video of this Deepavali celebration. Please click on link below to view the video.

PJKKIL is a home for orphans and underprivileged children who come from abused, neglected, broken families or poverty background. It has been in operations for the past 4 years. The Home provides the basic necessities of food, shelter, education, transportation and medical needs to children whose age ranges from toddlers to teenagers and also single mothers.

On Sunday, 27th October 2013, more than 20 volunteers from Ti-Ratana Meals on Wheels participated in the celebration of the Festival of Lights at PJKKIL.

The first agenda of the day was to get the children fitted with new clothes, including MOW tees.

The arrival of Joseph and friends on their super bikes caused a frenzy amongst the children who were really in awe with the bikers, their biker and their outfits! The bikers wanted to give the children a ride on their bikes after the event but alas, the wet weather spoiled the plans.

Then the entertainment ... the children and volunteers were treated to dance performances by Kristle and friends, and of course the children happily joined in.

One boy even did a head stand!

After the dance, a cake was brought out, much to the surprise and delight of Kristle whose birthday was in the same week.

At the request of the Home, 3 units of water heater were purchased and installed before the event day, and we also presented a commercial rice cooker. The balance of the collection received for this event will be used to purchase school items for the children in Dec for the new school year in 2014.

Lunch was chicken briyani, and of course Deepavali will not be complete without the traditional Indian sweets such as ladhu and candies.

It was truly heartwarming to see the "machas with big bikes and even bigger hearts" (phrase borrowed from Amar ... thanks!) sorting out the trays of rice, chicken and curry.

It was indeed a fun and joyous day for the children. You could see the delight on their faces with all that took place that morning.

We would like to thank all donors and volunteers who helped make this event a success.

Yong Yin Choong
Jasmine Tan
Eric Li
Loo Kok Chee
Loo Kok Keong & Family
Nathan Mahalingam, Mala & Family
Chew Yoo Wee
Kumaran Tan
Kang Get Nee
Chris Chin
Devotees of Wat Chetawan
Jenny Ngam
Joseph Xavier
Ganesh Kumar
Andy Darren Hislop
Yong Nyok Kiong
Arvind Kumar
Ravi Vengadason
Raja Mohd Zaarif
Shirley Yum
Karen Lim & Friend
Liew Kam Fong
Honey Khoo

Kristle and friends

Zainal Amar
Bro Lim

And of course to all MOW volunteers, without whom this event would not have been possible.

NANDIRI, TERIMA KASIH, SIE SIE, THANK YOU to all and we wish you a ...

Wonderful Festival of Lights!

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Pictures courtesy of: Amar, Kim

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

MOW FOOD BANK - New family from Kepong

Mdm Ngai lives in Kepong with her husband and 3 sons. Her husband, Mr Lim has kidney failure and goes for dialysis 3x/week at NKF. He used to work as an excavator operator but stopped work 7 years ago because of his illness. The wife is also not well and visits UH every 2 months to get medication for fits.

Their 3 sons, aged 14, 13 and 8 years are all very good students. The eldest boy scored 6As and the second boy scored 3As and 3Bs in their UPSR. The children loves to read and goes to the nearby Aeon store to read for free.

As both husband and wife are not working, they rely on donations for their livelihood and receive RM1,020 a month from the following generous groups:
Social welfare – RM320
Church – RM200
Kwan Yin temple - RM200
Tzu Chi – RM300

They also receive groceries from a private individual every 2 months. During Chinese New Year, they receive between RM500-1000 from several politicians, but this varies from year to year. Fortunately, the loan for their apartment has been fully settled.

Their monthly expenses (excluding food and other household items) amount to about RM750 per month and comprise:
  • Maintenance & sinking fund – RM93
  • Water – RM40
  • Electricity – RM130
  • Telekom & internet (for children's school research) – RM116
  • Mdm Ngai’s medicine – RM30
  • Taxi fares for Mdm Ngai to UH – RM19
  • Mr Lim’s petrol for bike to dialysis – RM50
  • School bus fares for 2 older sons – RM50 x 2 = RM100
  • School fees for youngest son – RM38
  • Tuition fees for youngest son – RM11
  • Pocket money for school (all 3 boys) – RM5 x 25 days = RM125

After paying off their monthly dues, they are left with very little for food and other household items. This family needs help to feed and provide for their children, as the children is the family’s way out of poverty.

How you can help:

1. We are seeking sponsorship of RM100 per month for groceries for this family to include them into our MOW FOOD BANK program. If you wish to sponsor this family for the MOW FOOD BANK program, you can deposit your donation into our account:

Account Name: Ti-Ratana Community Centre Penchala
CIMB Account No: 14660000259057

Please email a copy of the deposit slip to June at trccpenchala@gmail.com, and let her know how many months of groceries you would like to sponsor.

2. If you would like to help the family in other ways (i.e. other than the monthly groceries for the MOW FOOD BANK program), please contact June at trccpenchala@gmail.com or call +603-7784 9002 / +6012-2409020. She will provide you with the contact details of the family, and you can donate to them directly.

Thank you for your compassion and generosity in helping this family.

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Pictures courtesy of: Kim

Monday, October 21, 2013

MOW GRANTS - Medical aid for a sporo-cat

MOW Grants' contribution to AnimalCare.Org for the month of Sep 2013 was used to subsidize treatment for a sporo-cat. Pictures of the cat before and after treatment are shown below:

For more information, please click on link below:


Thank you to MOW Grants supporters for your care of the community cats and dogs.

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Pictures courtesy of: myanimalcare.org

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

MOW FOOD BANK - New volunteers helped deliver groceries on 29 Sep 2013

When Bro Ivan informed me that there will be almost 30 new volunteers coming for last Sunday's delivery of groceries for our MOW FOOD BANK program, I was a little apprehensive. That Sunday was the day of the Kuala Lumpur Standard Chartered Marathon and many roads in downtown KL were closed, parking is very limited at the PPR flats and the homes of our FOOD BANK families are typically very small and can hardly accommodate a dozen visitors in the living room.

However, we have big plans for our MOW FOOD BANK program next year and we are in need of volunteers who can commit to helping us with the monthly deliveries of groceries. So we pushed on with the delivery with 30 new volunteers and the regulars - Ivan, Andrew and myself.

After a briefing at our Penchala centre, the new volunteers, who call themselves CP 28 helped us load the groceries into our MOW van.

With so many pairs of hands, they passed the boxes of groceries from one person to another, like a factory production line, and completed the loading in no time at all!

The loading was supervised by our veteran volunteer, Bro Andrew.

 After a group picture, we were all ready to push off by 10:45am.

First stop was Mr Maran's house in Sentul, where the volunteers had their first experience of the environment of a PPR flat. The volunteers decided to split themselves into 3 groups, and only a third went up to the flat as they didn't want to overwhelm the family.

Then we moved on to Jinjang to visit Chloe and Lucas.

Followed by deliveries to Mdm Ng and her husband in the adjoining block.

Last stop in Jinjang was delivery to Wena and her son, Fei Hoong.

By then, it was almost 1pm and we stopped at a hawker centre in Jinjang for yong tau foo lunch and drinks. Ais kacang had never tasted so refreshingly yummy as it was a super hot day!

After Jinjang, most of the new volunteers had other plans for the rest of the day. So, four of them hopped into our van and we moved on to Desa Rejang.

One of the volunteers saw a couple of CPUs in Aida's flat and when Aida told us "semua rosak", he offered to take the CPUs back to his office to repair. A new volunteer and able to fix/repair things ... MOW is truly fortunate to get volunteers like him.

As we were leaving Aida's house, we bumped into Kak Ummi, another FOOD BANK family, who was pushing a trolley of thrash (to be sold later for some money to feed her family) which she went around collecting with her Cucu on a hot afternoon. It was such a heartbreaking sight ... to see an old makcik and a little girl having to resort to this to get a few extra ringgit.

Then we moved on to Gombak where we visited our HAPPY CHILD Siti Nurmaisara at her home.

While Bro Andrew guarded the van with our precious commodities:)

Our last stop was Sg Besi where the Chins were waiting for their goodies.

By the time we got back to Penchala centre, it was almost 4pm. We were all tired, but happy that we accomplished our mission to deliver groceries to 18 families in 5 hours, and even had time for lunch:)

Thank you to our new volunteers from CP 28 for participating in our FOOD BANK delivery. We truly hope you will continue to support us in our future deliveries and other projects.

And of course, our gratitude to the following donors for this month's groceries:

Yu Chee Koon
Tan Kai Ming
Stone Empire
Joyce Ong
Celine Yong Chooi Ping
In memory of Mdm Lam Sum Ying
Peter Liew
Felicia Ong
LGB group

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Pictures courtesy of: Kim