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MOW CELEBRATE - 16 February, Ti-Ratana Penchala’s Meals on Wheels will be wheeling to Tong Sim Senior Citizen’s Care Centre.

MOW CELEBRATE - 16 February, Sunday, 2014
Ti-Ratana Penchala’s Meals on Wheels will be wheeling to Tong Sim Senior Citizen’s Care Centre in Sungei
Besi, Kuala Lumpur

Date: 16 February, Sunday, 2014
Venue: Tong Sim Senior Citizen's Care Centre.
Address: 19 E, Jalan Lapangan Terbang Lama, 50460,
Kuala Lumpur,

Person of contact
(Tong Sim Senior Citizen's Care Center): Mr Cheong Loy (012 - 208 1530)

Gathering Time:

10.00 am, 16 February, Sunday, 2014


Ti- Ratana Community Centre Penchala,
21, Jalan Penchala, 46000, Petaling Jaya
(Near Old Town)

Briefing before departing to Tong Sim Senior Citizens Care Centre.

Depart at 10.30 am

Backgound Info

This is a care centre for the aged whom had been abandoned by their families, totaling 55 dependants of which 15 are women and the rest men. Many of this elderly was admitted to hospitals by their own children, family, or relatives. When they are well enough to be discharged, their next of kin could not be contacted because all information given — names, addresses and contact numbers — were false. They are abandoned with nowhere to go.

Hospitals in the Klang Valley and even beyond have been sending them to this particular home for the aged because they too are at a loss of what to do. Some folks are immobile and in need of nursing care but unfortunately, volunteers who can spare the time, come visit only once or twice a week to help bathe them, give them a hair cut and try to cheer them with their visits.

Mr Cheong Loy who is an undertaker who runs the funeral parlour on the grounds of the Kwong Tong Cemetery in Sungei Besi, has opened the first floor of his shop to house these “guests”, he keeps accepting more people on the kindness and generosity of his heart. The centre has been around for more than 10+ years. The hospitals provide them with free medical care but the expenses for the centre comes from Mr Cheong Loy himself and from public’s contribution.

To further improve the well being of the Tong Sim Senior Citizen's Care Centre, we are currently actively collecting donations and support.

Below is the list of items we are currently seeking for the home.


* All the donated items from the wish list to be delivered by donors themselves directly to the Tong Sim Senior Home with address below.

Adult Diapers (Preferably size L)
Can Food (Lucheon Meat, Canned Pork)
Dettol (Floor wash, Hand Wash)
Hand-gloves (Kitchen Cleaning type, Thick type)
Face Mask (Surgical type)
Milo (Powder)
3 in 1 Instant Coffee
Washing Powder for Clothing
PVC Mattress Cover

Cash donations for the purchase of items for this specific home can also be channeled through our center.
Account Name: Ti-Ratana Community Centre Penchala
CIMB Account No: 14660000259057
Email for all relevant details.


Ribena, Sweet Drinks
Mee Hoon
Toohpaste and Toothbrush

All of these items donors are welcome to deliver directly before or on the 16 February, Sunday, 2014

19 E, Jalan Lapangan Terbang Lama, 50460, Kuala Lumpur,

Person of contact
(Tong Sim Senior Citizen's Care Center): Mr Cheong Loy (012 - 208 1530)

* We encourage you to deliver personally to the venue giving you the opportunity to visit the dependents.

VOLUNTER’s important information!

For logistic and security reasons, all volunteers who wish to participate are requested to

We do not provide transport but if you wish to car pool with other volunteers,
do ensure they bring you back to centre.

Volunteers Needed




-We are looking for volunteers who is willing to act, dance or sing to bring laughter to the dependent.
It can be a stand up comedy, breakdance, dance to the oldies, Chinese New Year lion dance or
simply be a clown to bring a smile to their faces.

-We encourage all to be creative and give us suggestions

Should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact

Bro Ivan Yap       012 - 291 7382
Bro Tommy Teh   012 - 227 1515
Sis June                012 - 240 9020

Ti-Ratana Penchala Community Centre
21, Jalan Penchala
46000 Petaling Jaya

Tel : +603 - 7784 9002
Fax : +603 - 7784 8002

E-Mail :
Web :

We wish to THANK all our Donors who have contributed cash and in kind.

1. Tracy Wong - RM600
2. Anonymous - RM400
3. Charles Tan - RM500
4. Gan Kim Tai - RM100
5. Anonymous - RM60
6. Chung SH -  RM200
7. Mdm Chan Kwai Ying - RM50
8. Ajahn Withoon - RM108
9. Koh Kin Wai - RM100
10. Mun Yin Keok - RM100
11. Soh Lay Suan - RM100
12. Xinru - RM50
13. Yu Chee Koon - RM500
14. Soo Mei Cheen - RM100
15. Tommy Teh, family and friends - RM500
16. Teh Guan Sim - RM100
17. Wendy, CC, Chung CS, Fernie Lee, Theresa Kwok - Lunch
18. Stone Empire Marketing Sdn Bhd - RM500

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Meals on Wheels Ti-Ratana carries 5 Projects now and will continue 'To Give & Give!'

Thank you for all your support for you made it possible

for us to carry out our mission, we shall continue

 'To Give & Give!' 

The Meals on Wheels Ti-Ratana came about with the intention to provide food for the body & mind to the needy and disadvantage regardless of race, creed & religion. Incepted in 2010, the Meals on Wheels programme has fed, clothed, cared for and make friends with over few thousands. 
Meals on Wheels, throughout the years have garnered great support and encouragement from the public. We grew from strength to strength because of our pure intention to give unconditionally.

A simple fellowship gathering was held on 12 Jan 2014 with members, invited guests, donors and volunteers of Meals On Wheels Ti-Ratana, to share our journey and also announce our five (5) projects:



There are many out there who are not able to afford to celebrate during festive seasons or even birthdays. Realising this, MOW will visit a home/orphanage /NGO and celebrate with them during festive celebrations, during your birthdays or any occasion you feel like celebrating with them.

The MOW Food Bank programme helps people who are not able to cope with providing sufficient nourishment to their families. MOW FOOD BANK provides monthly supplies of rice, sugar, oil, can food, eggs and other essential groceries.

We build mini library to help spread the love of reading in rural areas and Orang Asli settlements.
We work together with other NGO’s & Doctors to offer free medical check.

MOW supports AnimalCare Society & Metta Karuna Animal Rescue team to feed, neuter stray cats and dogs in the city.

This programme is set up to help children in Government Hospitals who are terminally ill. This programme will provide funds for diapers and special milk powder nutrients for the children. MOW will also visit these children and organise activities to bring cheer to them. 

During the event, our advisor Datuk Chief Dhammaratana announced another project for Meals on Wheels (MOW)  which is offering scholarship to those in need to courses such as Ophthalmology, Dentistry and other Living Skill courses.

This in total gives Meals on Wheels Ti-Ratana the opportunity to serve the community with meaningful 6 projects!

Our mission is made possible due to the support, encouragement, our kind benefactors, volunteers, your good thoughts, your kind sharing and caring.

Come and join us 'To Give & Give' to make a difference

Watch this video at http://switch...

video courtesy of The Star online tv, SwitchUp TV

Thursday, January 9, 2014


MOW FOOD BANK - DEC 2013 (Feeding families, one at a time.)

The last month of 2013's Meals On Wheels Food Bank Program saw delivery to 8 separate families. 

These are just some of the items that were prepared for the days delivery which was made possible by all our donors and supporters. 
Young and strong volunteers are very much welcomed to assist us in our deliveries. (Info below)

Once again, we have the Chin family here, always ever ready for a group photo.

The adorable children of the Chin family posing for a picture.

Here are some photos of the other families that received goodies from this run of Meals On Wheels Food Bank Program.

Families with their goodies posing for a picture with our Meals On Wheels van.

The donation of diapers provides a much needed relief to this family who has a paraplegic child.

How you can help:

1. If you wish to sponsor any family for the MOW FOOD BANK program, you can deposit your donation into our account:

Account Name: Ti-Ratana Community Centre Penchala
CIMB Account No: 14660000259057

Please email a copy of the deposit slip to June at, and let her know how many months of groceries you would like to sponsor.

2. If you would like to help in other ways (i.e. other than the monthly groceries for the MOW FOOD BANK program), please contact June at or call +603-7784 9002 / +6012-2409020. 

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Sunday, January 5, 2014



Greetings from us at Ti-Ratana Meals On Wheels, we warmly extend an invite to you and family to our Fellowship Gathering. 

Five years ago our initial intention was for Ti-Ratana Meals on Wheels in distributing food to homes and the needy only. We we have grown from strength to strength encouraging us to extend our outreach. We are now proud to announce  we have included another 5 projects under Ti-Ratana Meals on Wheels and they are:

1.      MOW CELEBRATE- festive, birthday celebrations with other NGO homes and the needy.
2.      MOW FOOD BANK- provide monthly grocery delivery and currently we are supporting 20 families  
3.      MOW GRANTS- provide monetary support to Animal Shelter and Animal Care
4.      MOW MOBILE CLINIC- LIBRARY- build library for Indigenous Community and Mobile Medical Care 
5.      MOW HAPPY CHILD- provide nutrients & diapers to terminally ill children which we have now 9 children under this project

During this event a slide show will be presented and some of our volunteers will be there
to share with you their enriching experience while volunteering.

This is an opportunity for all to reach out and give your wholesome giving to make a difference in someone’s life

The Fellowship Gathering invitation:

Date    :            12th Jan 2014, Sunday
Time   :            3pm-5pm
Venue :            Ti-Ratana Community Centre Penchala, 21 Jalan Penchala, 46000 PJ

3.00pm                                    Arrival of Guest
3.15pm                                    Slide presentation
3.45pm                                    Volunteers sharing
4.00pm                                    Q & A
4.30pm                                    Refreshment
5.00pm                                    End of gathering

Please RSVP for us to organise the refreshment.
Please contact 0122271515/ june 0122409020/ ivan 0122917382. Email to Please come on the 12 Jan Sunday to see what we do and there are many areas that one can contribute.