Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Meals on Wheels (MOW) Celebrate Deepavali - A celebration of LOVE

Meals on Wheels (MOW) celebrated Deepavali at Klang Utama Caring Home last Sunday, 19th October, with lots of LOVE.

It all began with the congregation of The Fraternity Riders and MOW's volunteers at our Penchala Centre, where the convoy took off and headed towards Klang at 11am.

The Fraternity Riders and MOW volunteers at TI RATANA PENCHALA Centre

On the way to the Home, we "picked up" other 10 bikers before arriving at the Home. You can imagine the impressive sound of the bike's engine as we turned into the Home and our arrival caused quite a stir in the quiet neighbourhood.

The children were all excited with the arrival of so many guests and of course, the sight and sound of the big roaring bikes.  This caused some chaos, but one of the caretakers of the Home, aka 'Teacher" managed to calm the children and got them seated for a brief welcome and greeting. The head caretaker aka "Mummy" looked tired but happy that we chose her Home to celebrate the festival of lights.

By then it was past noon, so we fed the children with rice, mutton curry, fried tenggiri fish and vegetables. Our brothers from the Fraternity Riders, serving lunch was a sight to behold!

We also brought ladhu, assortment of muruku, apples and pears for dessert but the children were too stuffed after lunch, and these sweet stuff were saved for tea later in the day.

After lunch, some of the children fooled around with gadgets like camera, iPad, walkie talkie, helmets and handphones of the volunteers. They loved having their pictures taken and able to see it instantly.

No MOW event will be complete without games, and this was handled by Fuzi Magic, Christine and friends, with the help of the Teacher. Winners were awarded prizes. And all the kids were given goodie bags and cookies.

With the cash donations we collected for this event, apart from paying for the lunch, we purchased two food trolleys and clothes dryers as requested by Mummy.

The highlight of the day was of course the joy ride given by the Fraternity Riders to the children as well as some of the volunteers. The children were thrilled and of course, one VROOM VROOM ride around the neighbourhood is just not enough. The adults hop on the bike for a thrill ride too!

The bike ride marked the end of MOW's Deepavali celebration at the Home. It was indeed a celebration of LOVE. With about 30 volunteers from The Fraternity Riders, Fuzi Magic, Christine and friends, and of course MOW, there were plenty of LOVE for the 40 plus children living in this Home.

For the children of Klang Utama Caring Home ... it was a wonderful and joyous day to remember and cherish. For the volunteers, it was a Sunday well-spent.

Thank you to our donors and volunteers without whom the event would not have been possible.

LGB Holdings Sdn. Bhd.
Empire Stone Marketing
Dennis Pet & Family
Mr See & Kim
Alex & Adrian Lee
Teoh Seok Thien
Wong Kah Keen
Raymond Jude James
Joseph Xavier
Derek Beins
Aravind Kumar
Appaduria Raja
Yong Nyok Kiong
Puvendran Chandran
Wong Kah Keen
Fuzi Magic
Christine Choy
Fraternity Riders
Santi Forest Monastery, Ulu Tiram
Bro Tommy, Ivan, Andrew
Bro Amar
Bro Swee Keong
Bro Kho
Sis Cat
Sis Kim

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Posted by: Kim
Pictures courtesy of: Amar

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